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Olga's Award page

O lga's involment in the field of education, cultural awareness and civic events, has gained her friendships that mean more to her than any award she has ever received. All the awards that Olga has received over the years are not all listed.  They are, non the less, appreciated by her and considered an important part of her life.  Each award helps her recall the memory of her friendships and the hard work it took to get there. 

PASA Award

The award pictured pictured above, was given to Olga as a Lifetime Achievement Award for her participation as an artist who has been dedicated to teaching art throughout the school districs in California.  She has visited a number of schools, introducing their faculty and students to the art and styles of cultural paper cutting.

The following is a short list of awards that Olga has recieved over the years.

    • The PTA Golden Apple Award
    • Cultural Diversity Month Poster Contest winner for Los Angeles
    • Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Treasury
    • Certificate of Recognition from The California State Assembly
    • Certificate of Recognition from The City of Long Beach
    • Certificate of Congressional Recognition
    • Senate Recognition
    • The Board of Education, Pasadena



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