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E-books by Olga

These books are a collection of patterns designed and collected by Olga.  They each include a list of materials, tools and the patterns needed to get started.  The patterns are ready to use. They are designed as electronic-books, also known as e-books, so the patterns may be printed from your computer.  If you make a mistake, you just print another copy of the same pattern and give it another try.  Print and cut as many copies of a pattern you like. Patterns in these books are designed to be printed on 8.5" X 11" plain paper.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" ...and that's why the instructions in each of these books are filled wit graphics.  These instructions are easy to follow.

Below you will find the books that are currently available.  When you click on one of them, a new page will open to The Cultural Folk Art Co.  The page will have a catalog of these books listed so you may make your purchase through a secure  system.


"An introduction to Hawaiian Quilt Patterns through paper cutting"

Olga has taken the traditional Hawaiian quilt designs and applied them to her paper cutting.  She has also included a number of her own designs that maintain the influence of the Hawaiian culture.  The format is .pdf and the size is 3,900 KB



"Cutting for Day of the Dead, a Mexican tradition"

A type of cutting that Olga learned at an early age.  The patterns you will find in this book are cut with scissors and a little help from a craft knife.  Most of these projects can be glued to a string and hung overhead for that festive look.  The format is .pdf and the size is 2,800 KB



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