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Olga's Gallery

Olga chiseling 60 sheets of colored  paperOlga has always been a productive artist. The education she had received, prepared her for the commercial side of art, but her love and interest has guided her to becoming the cultural artist she is today. Her talent has taken her beyond the recognition she has received as a cultural artist for her Mexican paper cutting, known as "papel picado". It has taken her to a world of cultures that have a long history in the art of paper cutting. From this world, she has learned and shared, by teaching the different styles she has incorporated in her works.

Below you will find tags that will guide you through the artwork Olga has created.  Her gallery includes her current works of art, as well as samples of the cuttings she has created in the past.

Some of the work displayed has been collected by people who have enjoyed her work over the years.  Below, you will find Olga's work, by clicking on a pictured button below.   Each button repesents a different styles that Olga has mastered. 


Creative artCreative traditional Papel PicadoCommissioned workDay of the deadInspired by Hawaii


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