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Materials to use
The materials we use are very basic in nature, it's paper.  On the other hand, considering how many different types of paper we use for the different projects, a little information goes a long way.


On one side of the paper, the color is a flat black. On the other side it's normally white, so an artist can sketch what they intend to cut from it.  This is the paper of choice when Olga explores the different styles of cutting in a number of cultures.


This is the paper of choice, when Olga's using chisels to cut through 80 layers of paper.  The technique is called "Papel Picado".  This type of paper found its way from China to Mexico and has embedded itself in Mexico's culture, with all it's splendid colors.  In Mexico, this tissue is referred to as "papel de China".


This is the paper that Olga prefers to use for the Hawaiian Quilt Paper Cutting.  It comes in a number of colors and sizes.  It's designed for folding, which makes it that much easier to cut while folded. 


This type of paper has one side that is foil like with a reflective color and on the other side, it's plain white.  When you use this type of paper, you need to take extreme care not to crease or dent it with pencil marks on your finished design.


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