S.gifhe has been passing her craft on to students for as long as I can remember.  I should know... five of us call her Mom.  As far back as I can recall, Mom has been creating works of art in many forms.  She has painted, sculpted, sewn and cut her way through the fabric of our lives.     She got the talent from her father, as we have been fortunate enough to have picked it up from her. 

There have been a number of best times in my life with her, when art was the focal point of our shared attention.  Like all the times she helped me with my school projects or the Christmas windows I helped her paint when I was about 13.  I remember those early, cold mornings when I left a nice warm bed to sip on some hot chocolate and munch on a fat donut while rinsing brushes in what seemed like ice water.  The first time I got to paint the snow on a restaurant window, the manager thought a snow drift hit the place... We had to stop and buy more white paint for the next job.

Christmas wasn't work around mom.  It was a time to create, a time to share what she created with others, a chance to get involved and learn how to turn a bunch simple materials into something beautiful.  As for the rest of the year, she never stopped.  Her creative talents and the desire to help others explore their own, has always been a constant in her life to this day.


My mother has inspired me to be creative in many ways, when it comes to art, which brings me to my greatest inspiration... this web site and the development of The Cultural Folk Art Company.  It started as an idea that would help sell the books that I have been working on with my mother.  I was exploring the use of the computer and all those great artistic sites posted by the new generation of mainline artists, artists who were using the computer, not only as a tool to create, but a tool to sell of their creations.

As I explored the web to see what others were doing, I found a common thread with most of the sites I came across.  There were a number of artists who were using the internet as an inexpensive way to advertise their work.  I thought it was a great idea.  I could put a site up for my mom that would help her sell the books she's developed and it would be a nice little income to supplement her life's needs.   Then, as I have experienced before, nothing that seems simple remains simple when the lightning bolt of creativity strikes.

What started out as a small, simple site, is now in the process of becoming a place where cultural artists will be able to pass their work on to others for generations to come.  We plan on helping cultural artists, whose talents must be preserved and shared well beyond any of our lifetime.  We are developing a way for artists to share what hey have learned or developed in a media that will inspire others to be creative as well.

I hope you enjoy what we are trying to accomplish with this site.  My mother, Olga Ponce Furginson, will be the first of many artists we look forward to hosting on this site.  We will feature all of them in a way that will showcase their talents through all the possible forms of media the internet has to offer...  It's our work in progress.

Please enjoy what we have so far,

Robert B Furginson  meandkasey.jpg